Experience in the use of Imosteon

Personal experience of using gel Imosteon

The Buyer Imosteon Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans, 42 years old, Coventry, United Kingdom

I have arthritis, so I have long been bothered by pain in his knees. Originally went to the doctor, he prescribed me a potent cream, but he had the Allergy. At the same time, without treatment, my condition was painful. On the advice of a friend I decided to try the gel Imosteon. I really liked the composition. Easily figured out how to use it. My experience with has been very successful. Despite fears of Allergy has not arisen, although I always carry an antihistamine. The gel is very fragrant, completely absorbed. After 10 days of use I still feel the pain at sharp movements, but it is heaven and earth compared to what it was before. I feel much better, I conduct an active way of life. I recommend this gel low back pain, arthritis and injuries to all who have the same problem!

After applying the gel Imosteon

After applying the cream my skin on my knees looked fat. You can see in the photo that the knees after the gel looks good!